Hey everyone,
I’m Ray, second year out, teaching at Kalinda Primary (in Ringwood) in a grade 1/2 class, on the ICT committee and an Ultranet lead user. Right now I’m basically trying to absorb as much valuable information and resources as I can (which I guess we all do).

I studied at Deakin and worked in retail selling electronics to get through uni. Technology has always fascinated and excited me and I’ve been lucky with the opportunities that have arisen for me to explore new technologies.

We have been going through an overhaul in our IT resources with the introduction of Macbooks for our Level 3 and 4 students as well as iPads for every teacher and support staff for implementation within the classroom as well as for personal organization etc.

I absolutely love to travel. I’ve been through Europe, LA, Bangkok, snowboarded in Canada and of course traveled throughout Australia.
The other thing that keeps me sane is sport. I’ve played and been involved in so many over the years. I love the social aspect of it and the fact that you think about nothing else when you’re out there.


I’m really looking forward to working with the PLP community this year!