Animals and Habitats

Our team members are,
1. Jane Brayshaw (Laurimar Primary)
2. Lisa Stafford (Laurimar Primary)
3. Tim Murtagh (Coolaroo South Primary)
4. Ben Gallagher (Meredith Primary School)
5. Paul Todd (Kalinda Primary School)

Our project was based around connecting kids to their local habitats and wildlife. We hoped to build a sense of responsibility and ownership in the kids toward their local wildlife and the 'spaces' they need to share and protect on behalf of these creatures. We hoped that the children would see themselves as empowered to have an informed voice to offer ideas, understandings and opinions about environmental issues and human impacts on their local animals and habitats.

The project involved 4 primary schools across Victoria. The teaching staff involved in the project ranged in experience and current roles performed within their own educational settings. The school contexts also brought with them internal structures, planning, processes and requirements that impacted on the the degree of flexibility and autonomy that team members had to be able to implement the project within their own context. The team members were required to innovate around these restrictions to be able to participate in the project. This meant that some schools projects remain ongoing; some schools projects were aside from the core curriculum focuses in their classrooms; or some projects were with a select group of students.

The Driving Question
How do we provide for the health of animals in our local communities?

Our Elaborating Questions

1. Who lives in our neighborhood?
2. How healthy is my 'square'?
3. What is the ideal home?
4. How is your local environment changing?
5. How are these changes affecting the local animals?
6. What can I do to share my neighborhood with the local wildlife?

Please see more of our planning at;

Objectives and Assessment
*Explain what you wanted to see happen (outcomes) and then evidence the team did or didn't achieve those outcomes. What were/are your aimed outcomes for the project? And how will you know you've been successful in implementation?*
Implementation Plan (Both teacher led activities and student led activities)-
*Please include the timeline for the project. This can be a bulleted list.*//
Evaluation and Results
*Please include lessons learned and takeaways. How did it turn out? Where are you now in the project?*
Artifacts and Documentation
*Please share any and all materials developed throughout the project. Artifacts can include videos, meeting notes, surveys used, presentations, pictures, supporting documents, URLs, slide sets, etc.*