Click here for a short demo on how to get a WikiSpaces account to be able join this wiki. (The Dublin Dallas Cohort is used as an example of how to join a wiki. You will be joining this wiki instead.)

Please join the wiki so you can edit. Then click on the topic you would most like to develop. We will have eight teams and so there are eight topics. It's first come first serve. Please do not add additional numbers.
The graphic is NOT the only topics that will be involved in the development of your projects. It is simply my attempt to organize 100% of your generated ideas under 8 topic headings. When your team starts to create and work on your project you will take your heading and re-brainstorm it. So do not let the list by each heading throw you. I just wanted everyone to see their ideas somewhere.

Before the Culminating Event please have this info filled out on your Team's wiki page.
For your convenience we have copied and pasted this information into your school's team page. Please delete the directions that are *in asterisks* once you are finished.
Team Name
Team members
*A four- to six-sentence description of the project.*
Problem, Issue, or Possibility (Topic/Driving Question (What is guiding your PBL?)
*Please include the context surrounding the project - what you planned to innovate around.*
Objectives and Assessment
*Explain what you wanted to see happen (outcomes) and then evidence the team did or didn't achieve those outcomes. What were/are your aimed outcomes for the project? And how will you know you've been successful in implementation?*
Implementation Plan (Both teacher led activities and student led activities)-
Include your Culminating Activity (How will you draw the PBL activity to a close?)
*Please include the timeline for the project. This can be a bulleted list.*
Evaluation and Results
*Please include lessons learned and takeaways. How did it turn out? Where are you now in the project?*
Artifacts and Documentation
*Please share any and all materials developed throughout the project. Artifacts can include videos, meeting notes, surveys used, presentations, pictures, supporting documents, URLs, slide sets, etc.*

Once you put your name on a team we will (or you can) link it to another page where we want you to create your wiki presence. This will help add to your digital footprint and will allow others around the world and other PLPeeps to find who you are. Be sure and put your linked Twitter name on your page as well. Here is John Pearce's example.




New Literacies

Our Stories

Design and Space/Futuristic

Animals-Habitats - (if you do not like this topic and need to join a team just put your name here and the team can renegotiate the topic. We just need to get teams laid out.)