Design and Space/Futuristic
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1. Irene Ognenovski
2. Hayley Dobson
3. Melanie McDonald
4. Danielle Meehan
5.Ounsane Siriamphone
7.Mick Conlan
8.Ty Hoggins - DEECD
9.Rachel Janis- Morang south primary
10. Wayne Sparks - Irymple Primary School
11. Robert Thompson - Irymple Primary School
12. Caitlin Hill - Irymple Primary School

Visit our Global2 blog - Design and Space/Futuristic here - (I will build on this over the next few days)

Our driving question for investigation "Do we need a physical space to learn?"

- Create the wiki - Danielle and Irene
- Create a list of collaborative spaces - Caitlin
- Create the global2blog: Wayne

Overview of our investigation

End Goal/Product

Collaborative Learning Spaces
  • Ultranet
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google Docs
  • Google Groups

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Objectives and Assessment
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Evaluation and Results
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Artifacts and Documentation
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