NMIT Conference Centre

77-91 St Georges Road
Preston Vic 3072

Room: Maynard Room (upstairs)

Parking: Car parking is available behind the
centre and a car park attendant will be onsite all day

What to Bring

1. Your team will bring their displays for the learning showcase.

Learning Showcase Displays
Your display can be anything from an elaborate display to your team talking and some handouts. Most teams will do a show board and use a laptop to feature specific sites with artifacts, such as the team page on the wiki. We need your presentations to be accessible from your school team page on the wiki, as well as any artifacts you created. The main idea is that when folks visit your learning station they will leave with not only a good idea of the project but the ability to replicate your unit.

2. Technology (a laptop, iPad, something) so that you can participate in Alan Levine's interactive presentation as well as the collaborative action planning. Having your own device will enable you to play the alternate reality game too if you wish. There will be places to "power-up" around the room at breaks and lunch.

3. An open mind, a great attitude and a willingness to learn.